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Jacquemin, B., Sunyer, J., Forsberg, B., Aguilera, I., Bouso, L., Briggs, D., De Marco, R., Garcia-Esteban, R., Heinrich, J., Jarvis, D., Maldonado, J. A., Payo, F., Rage, E., Vienneau, D., Kunzli, N.

Association between modelled traffic related air pollution (NO2) and asthma score in ECHRS

Eur.Respir.J., 2009, 34, 4, 834, 842, IF: 5.545, PMID: 19443533

The aim of this analysis is to study the association between air pollution and asthma among adults. For this goal, a previously developed "asthma score" was used.Persons aged 25-44 years were randomly selected (1991-1993) and followed up (2000-2002) within the European Community Respiratory Health Survey (ECRHS-I and II). The asthma score was defined from 0 to 5, based on positive answers to symptoms reported for the last 12 months: wheeze/breathlessness, chest tightness, dyspnoea at rest, dyspnoea after exercise, and woken by dyspnoea. Participants' home addresses were linked to outdoor modelled NO2 estimates for 2001. Negative binomial regression was used to model the asthma score.The score from ECRHS-II was positively associated with NO2 (Ratio of the Mean asthma Score (RMS) 1.23, 95% Confidence Intervals (CI): 1.09-1.38 for an increase of 10 microg.m(-3)). After excluding participants with asthma and symptoms at baseline, the association remained (RMS 1.25, 95%CI: 1.05-1.51) and was particularly high among those reporting a high score in ECRHS-II. The latter probably reflects incident cases of asthma.Our results suggest that traffic-related pollution causes asthma symptoms and possibly asthma incidence in adults. The asthma score offers an alternative to investigate the course and aetiology of asthma in adults


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