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ISEE Europe - Young Researcher Conference in Environmental Epidemiology, 20-21 October 2014

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dimecres, 7 de maig de 2014

ISEE Europe - Young Researcher Conference in Environmental Epidemiology, 20-21 October 2014
The meeting will be low-budget with minimal registration costs. The format of the meeting will promote discourse and will include invited and submitted presentations, posters and extensive discussion time.

This conference aims to promote scientific communication in environmental epidemiology in Europe at a time when research funds for public and environmental health are diminishing. The focus on young researchers is due to their limited access to funds and thus opportunities for ISEE conference attendance.
The conference will be led by ISEE-Europe together with the ISEE Students and New Researchers Network and administrative help by CREAL. An international young researchers scientific committee (to be announced) chaired by Prof Barbara Hoffmann, Deputy Chair of ISEE-Europe, and Dr Mireille Toledano, Councilor of ISEE and ISEE-Europe, will plan all scientific aspects of the conference. The scientific committee will make every effort to contact and involve young researchers in the planning of the scientific program.
Abstract submission: dates for submitting abstracts and proposals for discussion groups will be announced soon.
This will be a low budget conference and registration fees will be kept to a minimum. Several major European projects (Exposomics, Helix, Heals, Geronimo and Medall) on environmental health and the Exposome will provide limited financial support, covering costs for travel of keynote speakers. No travel grants are available for participants.

We are aiming for around 150 attendees. We will promote participation of young researchers, but the conference will welcome other participants and will include senior researchers from the supporting EU projects as keynote speakers.

The venue is the PRBB building ( in Barcelona where CREAL ( is located. A small amount of student accommodation will be available.

Contact information for administrative issues: Mrs Mar Ferrer (, +34-932147330


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