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Samoli, E., Stafoggia, M., Rodopoulou, S., Ostro, B., Declercq, C., Alessandrini, E., Diaz, J., Karanasiou, A., Kelessis, A. G., Le Tertre, A., Pandolfi, P., Randi, G., Scarinzi, C., Zauli-Sajani, S., Katsouyanni, K., Forastiere, F

Associations between fine and coarse particles and mortality in Mediterranean cities: results from the MED-PARTICLES project

Environ.Health Perspect., 2013, 121, 8, 932, 938, IF: 7.260, PMID: 23687008

BACKGROUND: Few studies have investigated the independent health effects of different size fractions of particulate matter (PM) in multiple locations, especially in Europe. OBJECTIVES: We estimated the short-term effects of PM with aerodynamic diameter /= 75 versus < 75 years of age. Associations with PM2.5-10 were positive but not statistically significant in most analyses, whereas associations with PM10 seemed to be driven by PM2.5. CONCLUSIONS: We found evidence of adverse effects of PM2.5 on mortality outcomes in the European Mediterranean region. Associations with PM2.5-10 were positive but smaller in magnitude. Associations were stronger for respiratory mortality when cumulative exposures were lagged over 0-5 days, and were modified by season and age


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