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  • Cabieses, B., Uphoff, E., Pinart, M., Anto, J. M., Wright, J.. A systematic review on the development of asthma and allergic diseases in relation to international immigration: the leading role of the environment confirmed. PLoS.One. 2014; 9 (8): e105347
  • Grell, K., Diggle, P. J., Frederiksen, K., Schuz, J., Cardis, E., Andersen, P. K.. A three-dimensional point process model for the spatial distribution of disease occurrence in relation to an exposure source. Stat.Med 2015; 34 (23): 3170-80
  • Leone, M., D'Ippoliti, D., De Sario, M., Analitis, A., Menne, B., Katsouyanni, K., De'donato, F. K., Basagana, X., Salah, A. B., Casimiro, E., Dortbudak, Z., Iniguez, C., Peretz, C., Wolf, T., Michelozzi, P.. A time series study on the effects of heat on mortality and evaluation of heterogeneity into European and Eastern-Southern Mediterranean cities: results of EU CIRCE project. Environ.Health 2013; 12 (1): 55
  • de Nazelle, A., Fruin, S., Westerdahl, D., Martinez, D., Ripoll, A., Kubesch, N., Nieuwenhuijsen, M.. A travel mode comparison of commuters' exposures to air pollutants in Barcelona. Atmospheric Environment 2012; 59: 151-159
  • Vizcaya, D., Mirabelli, M. C., Anto, J. M., Orriols, R., Burgos, F., Arjona, L., Zock, J. P.. A workforce-based study of occupational exposures and asthma symptoms in cleaning workers. Occup.Environ.Med. 2011; 68 (12): 914-9
  • Mercader, J. M., Gonzalez, J. R., Lozano, J. J., Bak, M., Kauppinen, S., Sumoy, L., Dierssen, M., Fernandez-Aranda, F., Visa, J., Gratacos, M., Estivill, X.. Aberrant brain microRNA target and miRISC gene expression in the anx/anx anorexia mouse model. Gene 2012; 497 (2): 181-190
  • Casabonne, D., Benavente, Y., Robles, C., Costas, L., Alonso, E., Gonzalez-Barca, E., Tardon, A., Dierssen-Sotos, T., Gimeno, E., Aymerich, M., Campo, E., Castano-Vinyals, G., Aragones, N., Pollan, M., Kogevinas, M., Juwana, H., Middeldorp, J., De Sanjose, S.. Aberrant Epstein-Barr virus antibody patterns and chronic lymphocytic leukemia in a Spanish multicentric case-control study. Infectius Agents and Cancer 2015; 10: 5
  • Markevych, I., Tiesler, C. M., Fuertes, E., Romanos, M., Dadvand, P., Nieuwenhuijsen, M. J., Berdel, D., Koletzko, S., Heinrich, J.. Access to urban green spaces and behavioural problems in children: Results from the GINIplus and LISAplus studies. Environ.Int. 2014; 71: 29-35
  • Tamosiunas, A., Grazuleviciene, R., Luksiene, D., Dedele, A., Reklaitiene, R., Baceviciene, M., Vencloviene, J., Bernotiene, G., Radisauskas, R., Malinauskiene, V., Milinaviciene, E., Bobak, M., Peasey, A., Nieuwenhuijsen, M. J.. Accessibility and use of urban green spaces, and cardiovascular health: findings from a Kaunas cohort study. Environ.Health 2014; 13 (1): 20
  • Gonzalez, J. R., Subirana, I., Escaramis, G., Peraza, S., Caceres, A., Estivill, X., Armengol, L.. Accounting for uncertainty when assessing association between copy number and disease: a latent class model. BMC.Bioinformatics. 2009; 10 (1): 172

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