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Julvez, J., Forns, M., Ribas-Fito, N., Torrent, M., Sunyer, J.

Attention behavior and hyperactivity and concurrent neurocognitive and social competence functioning in 4-year-olds from two population-based birth cohorts

Eur.Psychiatry, 2011, 26, 6, 381, 9, IF: 3.080, PMID: 20620026

OBJECTIVE: We studied the associations between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms and the neurobehavioral status in two population-based birth cohorts. METHODS: Children (n=467) were assessed by psychologists and teachers for neuropsychological functioning (McCarthy Scales, MCSA), inattention-hyperactivity symptoms (ADHD-DSM-IV form list) and social behavior (California Preschool Social Competence Scale, CPSCS). Regression models were used with covariate adjustment. RESULTS: Sixteen percent of children had ADHD-DSM-IV symptoms. MCSA scores were linearly associated with ADHD symptom scores (general cognitive Beta=-0.6 [-1.0; -0.3] per symptom), specifically inattention scores (general cognitive Beta=-1.8 [-2.3; -1.2]). CPSCS scores were associated with ADHD symptoms (Beta=-2.19 [-2.5; -1.9]). MCSA scores of executive function, perceptive-performance and quantitative sub-areas had stronger associations with ADHD symptoms. CONCLUSIONS: Preschooler ADHD symptoms are associated with concurrent decrements in neurocognitive and social competence functioning. The association patterns are similar to those found in older children with ADHD symptomology (Marks et al., 2005 [36], Seidman, 2006 [46], Sonuga-Barke et al., 2003 [48], Yochman et al., 2006 [53])


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