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Garcia-Esquinas, E., Guino, E., Castano-Vinyals, G., Perez-Gomez, B., Llorca, J., Altzibar, J. M., Peiro-Perez, R., Martin, V., Moreno-Iribas, C., Tardon, A., Caballero, F. J., Puig-Vives, M., Guevara, M., Villa, T. F., Salas, D., Amiano, P., Dierssen-Sotos, T., Pastor-Barriuso, R., Sala, M., Kogevinas, M., Aragones, N., Moreno, V., Pollan, M

Association of diabetes and diabetes treatment with incidence of breast cancer

Acta Diabetol., 2016, 53, 1, 99, 107, IF: 3.679, PMID: 25916213

AIMS: The aim of this study was to evaluate the association of diabetes and diabetes treatment with risk of postmenopausal breast cancer. METHODS: Histologically confirmed incident cases of postmenopausal breast (N = 916) cancer were recruited from 23 Spanish public hospitals. Population-based controls (N = 1094) were randomly selected from primary care center lists within the catchment areas of the participant hospitals. ORs (95 % CI) were estimated using mixed-effects logistic regression models, using the recruitment center as a random effect term. Breast tumors were classified into hormone receptor positive (ER+ or PR+), HER2+ and triple negative (TN). RESULTS: Diabetes was not associated with the overall risk of breast cancer (OR 1.09; 95 % CI 0.82-1.45), and it was only linked to the risk of developing TN tumors: Among 91 women with TN tumors, 18.7 % were diabetic, while the corresponding figure among controls was 9.9 % (OR 2.25; 95 % CI 1.22-4.15). Regarding treatment, results showed that insulin use was more prevalent among diabetic cases (2.5 %) as compared to diabetic controls (0.7 %); OR 2.98; 95 % CI 1.26-7.01. They also showed that, among diabetics, the risk of developing HR+/


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