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Hernandez, C., Aibar, J., de Batlle, J., Gomez-Cabrero, D., Soler, N., Duran-Tauleria, E., Garcia-Aymerich, J., Altimiras, X., Gomez, M., Agusti, A., Escarrabill, J., Font, D., Roca, J

Assessment of health status and program performance in patients on long-term oxygen therapy

Respir.Med, 2015, 109, 4, 500, 9, IF: 2.917, PMID: 25771036

BACKGROUND: Despite well established clinical guidelines, performance of long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) programs shows marked variability among territories. The current study assessed the LTOT program and the health status of patients on LTOT prior to the deployment of community-based integrated care in an urban health district of Barcelona (Spain). AIMS: To assess: i) the LTOT program and health status of the patients on LTOT in the health district; ii) their frailty profile; and, iii) the requirements for effective deployment of integrated care services for these patients. METHODS: Cross-sectional observational study design including all patients (n = 406) on LTOT living in the health district. Health status, frailty, arterial blood gases, forced spirometry and hand-grip muscle strength were measured. Network analysis of frailty was carried out. RESULTS: Adequacy of LTOT prescription (n = 362): 47% and 31% of the patients had PaO2 /=15 h/d; this figure increased to 67% in those with PaO2


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