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Akita, Y., Baldasano, J. M., Beelen, R., Cirach, M., de Hoogh, K., Hoek, G., Nieuwenhuijsen, M. J., Serre, M. L., de Nazelle, A.

A large scale air pollution estimation method combining Land Use Regression and Chemical Transport Modeling in a geostatistical framework

Environ.Sci.Technol., 2014, 48, 8, 4452, 9, IF: 5.257, PMID: 24621302

In recognition that intra-urban exposure gradients may be as large as between-city variations, recent air pollution epidemiologic studies have become increasingly interested in capturing within-city exposure gradients. In addition, because of the rapidly accumulating health data, recent studies also need to handle large study populations distributed over large geographic domains. Even though several modeling approaches have been introduced, a consistent modeling framework capturing within-city exposure variability and applicable to large geographic domains is still missing. To address these needs, we proposed a modeling framework based on the Bayesian Maximum Entropy (BME) method that integrates monitoring data and outputs from existing air quality models based on Land Use Regression (LUR) and Chemical Transport Models (CTM). The framework was applied to estimate the yearly average NO2 concentrations over the region of Catalunya in Spain. By jointly accounting for the global scale variability in the concentration from the output of CTM and the intra-urban scale variability through LUR model output, the proposed framework outperformed more conventional approaches


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