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  • Gutierrez, E., Lozano, S., Gonzalez, J. R.. A recurrent-events survival analysis of the duration of olympic records. IMA Journal of Management Mathematics 2011; 22 (2): 115-28
  • Guxens, M., Sunyer, J.. A review of epidemiological studies on neuropsychological effects of air pollution. Swiss.Med.Wkly. 2012; 141: w13322
  • El Ghissassi, F., Baan, R., Straif, K., Grosse, Y., Secretan, B., Bouvard, V., Benbrahim-Tallaa, L., Guha, N., Freeman, C., Galichet, L., Who International Agency for Research on Cancer Monograph Working, Group. A review of human carcinogens--part D: radiation. Lancet Oncol. 2009; 10 (8): 751-752
  • Baan, R., Grosse, Y., Straif, K., Secretan, B., El Ghissassi, F., Bouvard, V., Benbrahim-Tallaa, L., Guha, N., Freeman, C., Galichet, L., Cogliano, V., W. H. O. International Agency for Research on Cancer Monograph Working Group. A review of human carcinogens--Part F: chemical agents and related occupations. Lancet Oncol. 2009; 10 (12): 1143-1144
  • De Lobel, L., Geurts, P., Baele, G., Castro-Giner, F., Kogevinas, M., Van Steen, K.. A screening methodology based on Random Forests to improve the detection of gene-gene interactions. Eur.J.Hum.Genet. 2010; 18 (10): 1127-32
  • Garcia-Closas, M., Hein, D. W., Silverman, D., Malats, N., Yeager, M., Jacobs, K., Doll, M. A., Figueroa, J. D., Baris, D., Schwenn, M., Kogevinas, M., Johnson, A., Chatterjee, N., Moore, L. E., Moeller, T., Real, F. X., Chanock, S., Rothman, N.. A single nucleotide polymorphism tags variation in the arylamine N-acetyltransferase 2 phenotype in populations of European background. Pharmacogenet.Genomics 2011; 21 (4): 231-6
  • Vila, J., Bowman, J. D., Richardson, L., Kincl, L., Conover, D. L., McLean, D., Mann, S., Vecchia, P., Van Tongeren, M., Cardis, E.. A Source-based Measurement Database for Occupational Exposure Assessment of Electromagnetic Fields in the INTEROCC Study: A Literature Review Approach. Ann.Occup.Hyg. 2016; 60 (2): 184-204
  • Andersen, Z. J., de Nazelle, A., Mendez, M. A., Garcia-Aymerich, J., Hertel, O., Tjonneland, A., Overvad, K., Raaschou-Nielsen, O., Nieuwenhuijsen, M. J.. A Study of the Combined Effects of Physical Activity and Air Pollution on Mortality in Elderly Urban Residents: The Danish Diet, Cancer, and Health Cohort. Environ.Health Perspect. 2015; 123 (6): 557-63
  • Agier, L., Portengen, L., Chadeau-Hyam, M., Basagana, X., Giorgis-Allemand, L., Siroux, V., Robinson, O., Vlaanderen, J., Gonzalez, J. R., Nieuwenhuijsen, M. J., Vineis, P., Vrijheid, M., Slama, R., Vermeulen, R.. A Systematic Comparison of Linear Regression-Based Statistical Methods to Assess Exposome-Health Associations. Environ.Health Perspect. 2016
  • Uphoff, E., Cabieses, B., Pinart, M., Valdes, M., Anto, J. M., Wright, J.. A systematic review of socioeconomic position in relation to asthma and allergic diseases. Eur.Respir.J. 2015; 46 (2): 364-74

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