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  • Rondeau, V., Schaffner, E., Corbiere, F., Gonzalez, J. R., Mathoulin-Pelissier, S.. Cure frailty models for survival data: Application to recurrences for breast cancer and to hospital readmissions for colorectal cancer. Stat.Methods Med.Res. 2013; 22 (3): 243-60
  • de Batlle, J., Mendez, M., Romieu, I., Balcells, E., Benet, M., Donaire-Gonzalez, D., Ferrer, J. J., Orozco-Levi, M., Anto, J. M., Garcia-Aymerich, J.. Cured meats consumption increases risk of readmission in COPD patients. Eur.Respir.J. 2012
  • Jarjour, S., Jerrett, M., Westerdahl, D., de Nazelle, A., Hanning, C., Daly, L., Lipsitt, J., Balmes, J.. Cyclist route choice, traffic-related air pollution, and lung function: a scripted exposure study. Environ.Health 2013; 12: 14
  • Czachorowski, M. J., Amaral, A. F., Montes-Moreno, S., Lloreta, J., Carrato, A., Tardon, A., Morente, M. M., Kogevinas, M., Real, F. X., Malats, N.. Cyclooxygenase-2 Expression in Bladder Cancer and Patient Prognosis: Results from a Large Clinical Cohort and Meta-Analysis. PLoS.One. 2012; 7 (9): e45025
  • Crous-Bou, M., De, Vivo I., Porta, M., Pumarega, J. A., Lopez, T., Alguacil, J., Morales, E., Malats, N., Rifa, J., Hunter, D. J., Real, F. X.. CYP1B1 polymorphisms and k-ras mutations in patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Dig.Dis.Sci. 2008; 53 (5): 1417-1421
  • Malats, N., Casals, T., Porta Serra, M., Guarner, L., Estivill, X., Real, F. X.. Cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator (CFTR) DeltaF508 mutation and 5T allele in patients with chronic pancreatitis and exocrine pancreatic cancer. PANKRAS II Study Group. Gut 2001; 48 (1): 70-74
  • Borras-Santos, A., Jacobs, J. H., Taubel, M., Haverinen-Shaughnessy, U., Krop, E. J., Huttunen, K., Hirvonen, M. R., Pekkanen, J., Heederik, D. J., Zock, J. P., Hyvarinen, A.. Dampness and mould in schools and respiratory symptoms in children: the HITEA study. Occup.Environ.Med. 2013; 70 (10): 681-7
  • Jacobs, J., Borras-Santos, A., Krop, E., Taubel, M., Leppanen, H., Haverinen-Shaughnessy, U., Pekkanen, J., Hyvarinen, A., Doekes, G., Zock, J. P., Heederik, D.. Dampness, bacterial and fungal components in dust in primary schools and respiratory health in schoolchildren across Europe. Occup.Environ.Med. 2014; 71 (10): 704-12
  • Sunyer, J., Garcia-Esteban, R., Alvarez, M., Guxens, M., Goni, F., Basterrechea, M., Vrijheid, M., Guerra, S., Anto, J. M.. DDE in Maternal Blood During Pregnancy and Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in Their Infants. Epidemiology 2010; 21 (5): 729-35
  • Morales, E., Rodriguez, A., Valvi, D., Iniguez, C., Esplugues, A., Vioque, J., Marina, L. S., Jimenez, A., Espada, M., Dehli, C. R., Fernandez-Somoano, A., Vrijheid, M., Sunyer, J.. Deficit of vitamin D in pregnancy and growth and overweight in the offspring. Int.J.Obes.(Lond) 2015; 39 (1): 61-8

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