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  • Manaca, M. N., Grimalt, J. O., Sunyer, J., Mandomando, I., Gonzalez, R., Sacarlal, J., Dobano, C., Alonso, P. L., Menendez, C.. Concentration of DDT compounds in breast milk from African women (Manhica, Mozambique) at the early stages of domestic indoor spraying with this insecticide. Chemosphere 2011; 85 (3): 307-14
  • Villanueva, C. M., Castano-Vinyals, G., Moreno, V., Carrasco-Turigas, G., Aragones, N., Boldo, E., Ardanaz, E., Toledo, E., Altzibar, J. M., Zaldua, I., Azpiroz, L., Goni, F., Tardon, A., Molina, A. J., Martin, V., Lopez-Rojo, C., Jimenez-Moleon, J. J., Capelo, R., Gomez-Acebo, I., Peiro, R., Ripoll, M., Gracia-Lavedan, E., Nieuwenhujsen, M. J., Rantakokko, P., Goslan, E. H., Pollan, M., Kogevinas, M.. Concentrations and correlations of disinfection by-products in municipal drinking water from an exposure assessment perspective. Environ.Res. 2012
  • Garcia, Algar O., Pichini, S., Basagana, X., Puig, C., Vall, O., Torrent, M., Harris, J., Sunyer, J., Cullinan, P.. Concentrations and determinants of NO2 in homes of Ashford, UK and Barcelona and Menorca, Spain. Indoor.Air 2004; 14 (4): 298-304
  • Valero, N., Aguilera, I., Llop, S., Esplugues, A., de Nazelle, A., Ballester, F., Sunyer, J.. Concentrations and determinants of outdoor, indoor and personal nitrogen dioxide in pregnant women from two Spanish birth cohorts. Environ.Int. 2009; 35 (8): 1196-1201
  • Goebell, P. J., Groshen, S., Schmitz-Drager, B. J., Sylvester, R., Kogevinas, M., Malats, N., Sauter, G., Grossman, H. B., Dinney, C. P., Waldman, F., Cote, R. J.. Concepts for banking tissue in urologic oncology--the International Bladder Cancer Bank. Clin.Cancer Res. 2005; 11 (2): 413-415
  • Laurent, O., Gomolka, M., Haylock, R., Blanchardon, E., Giussani, A., Atkinson, W., Baatout, S., Bingham, D., Cardis, E., Hall, J., Tomasek, L., Ancelet, S., Badie, C., Bethel, G., Bertho, J. M., Bouet, S., Bull, R., Challeton-de Vathaire, C., Cockerill, R., Davesne, E., Ebrahimian, T., Engels, H., Gillies, M., Grellier, J., Grison, S., Gueguen, Y., Hornhardt, S., Ibanez, C., Kabacik, S., Kotik, L., Kreuzer, M., Lebacq, A. L., Marsh, J., Nosske, D., O'Hagan, J., Pernot, E., Puncher, M., Rage, E., Riddell, T., Roy, L., Samson, E., Souidi, M., Turner, M. C., Zhivin, S., Laurier, D.. Concerted Uranium Research in Europe (CURE): toward a collaborative project integrating dosimetry, epidemiology and radiobiology to study the effects of occupational uranium exposure. J Radiol.Prot. 2016; 36 (2): 319-345
  • Benitez-Arciniega, A. A., Mendez, M. A., Baena-Diez, J. M., Rovira Martori, M. A., Soler, C., Marrugat, J., Covas, M. I., Sanz, H., Llopis, A., Schroder, H.. Concurrent and construct validity of Mediterranean diet scores as assessed by an FFQ. Public Health Nutr. 2011; 14 (11): 2012-21
  • Roosli, M., Frei, P., Bolte, J., Neubauer, G., Cardis, E., Feychting, M., Gajsek, P., Heinrich, S., Joseph, W., Mann, S., Martens, L., Mohler, E., Parslow, R. C., Poulsen, A. H., Radon, K., Schuz, J., Thuroczy, G., Viel, J. F., Vrijheid, M.. Conduct of a personal radiofrequency electromagnetic field measurement study: proposed study protocol. Environ Health 2010; 9
  • Gonzalez, J. R., Pe¤a, E. A., Pe¤a, E. A., Delicado, P.. Confidence intervals for median survival time with recurrent event data. Comput Stat Data An 2009; 54 (2010): 78-89
  • Bedard, A., Garcia-Aymerich, J., Sanchez, M., Le Moual, N., Clavel-Chapelon, F., Boutron-Ruault, M. C., Maccario, J., Varraso, R.. Confirmatory Factor Analysis Compared with Principal Component Analysis to Derive Dietary Patterns: A Longitudinal Study in Adult Women. J Nutr. 2015; 145 (7): 1559-68

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