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  • Paltiel, O., Tikellis, G., Linet, M., Golding, J., Lemeshow, S., Phillips, G., Lamb, K., Stoltenberg, C., Haberg, S. E., Strom, M., Granstrom, C., Northstone, K., Klebanoff, M., Ponsonby, A. L., Milne, E., Pedersen, M., Kogevinas, M., Ha, E., Dwyer, T.. Birthweight and Childhood Cancer: Preliminary Findings from the International Childhood Cancer Cohort Consortium (I4C). Paediatr.Perinat.Epidemiol. 2015; 29 (4): 335-45
  • Real, F. X., Malats, N.. Bladder cancer and apoptosis: matters of life and death. Lancet Oncol. 2007; 8 (2): 91-92
  • Villanueva, C. M., Cantor, K. P., Grimalt, J. O., Malats, N., Silverman, D., Tardon, A., Garcia-Closas, R., Serra, C., Carrato, A., Castano-Vinyals, G., Marcos, R., Rothman, N., Real, F. X., Dosemeci, M., Kogevinas, M.. Bladder Cancer and Exposure to Water Disinfection By-Products through Ingestion, Bathing, Showering, and Swimming in Pools. Am.J Epidemiol 2007; 165 (2): 148-156
  • Huang, A. T., Kogevinas, M., Silverman, D. T., Malats, N., Rothman, N., Tardon, A., Serra, C., Garcia-Closas, R., Carrato, A., Cantor, K. P.. Bladder cancer and reproductive factors among women in Spain. Cancer Causes Control 2009; 20 (10): 1907-13
  • Robles, C., Viscidi, R., Malats, N., Silverman, D. T., Tardon, A., Garcia-Closas, R., Serra, C., Carrato, A., Herranz, J., Lloreta, J., Rothman, N., Real, F. X., De Sanjose, S., Kogevinas, M.. Bladder cancer and seroreactivity to BK, JC and merkel cell polyomaviruses: The spanish bladder cancer study. Int.J.Cancer 2013; 133 (3): 597-603
  • Serra, C., Bonfill, X., Sunyer, J., Urrutia, G., Turuguet, D., Bastus, R., Roque, M., Mannetje, A., Kogevinas, M.. Bladder cancer in the textile industry. Scand J Work Environ Health 2000; 26 (6): 476-481
  • Figueroa, J. D., Malats, N., Garcia-Closas, M., Real, F. X., Silverman, D., Kogevinas, M., Chanock, S., Welch, R., Dosemeci, M., Lan, Q., Tardon, A., Serra, C., Carrato, A., Garcia-Closas, R., Castano-Vinyals, G., Rothman, N.. Bladder cancer risk and genetic variation in AKR1C3 and other metabolizing genes. Carcinogenesis 2008; 29 (10): 1955-1962
  • Rzehak, P., Wijga, A. H., Keil, T., Eller, E., Bindslev-Jensen, C., Smit, H. A., Weyler, J., Dom, S., Sunyer, J., Mendez, M., Torrent, M., Vall, O., Bauer, C. P., Berdel, D., Schaaf, B., Chen, C. M., Bergstrom, A., Fantini, M. P., Mommers, M., Wahn, U., Lau, S., Heinrich, J.. Body mass index trajectory classes and incident asthma in childhood: Results from 8 European Birth Cohorts-a Global Allergy and Asthma European Network initiative. J.Allergy Clin.Immunol. 2013; 131 (6): 1528-36
  • Moreno, R., Martinez, I., Petriz, J., Gonzalez, J. R., Gratacos, E., Aran, J. M.. Boundary sequences stabilize transgene expression from subtle position effects in retroviral vectors. Blood Cells Mol.Dis. 2009; 43 (2): 214-220
  • Orriols, R., Costa, R., Cuberas, G., Jacas, C., Castell, J., Sunyer, J.. Brain dysfunction in multiple chemical sensitivity. J.Neurol.Sci. 2009; 287 (1): 72-78

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