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  • Gonzalez, J. R., Abellan, C., Abellan, J. J.. Bayesian model to detect phenotype-specific genes for copy number data. BMC.Bioinformatics. 2012; 13 (1): 130
  • Ribas-Fito, N., Julvez, J., Torrent, M., Grimalt, J. O., Sunyer, J.. Beneficial Effects of Breastfeeding on Cognition Regardless of DDT Concentrations at Birth. Am.J.Epidemiol. 2007; 166 (10): 1198-1202
  • Donaire-Gonzalez, D., Gimeno-Santos, E., Balcells, E., de Batlle, J., Ramon, M. A., Rodriguez, E., Farrero, E., Benet, M., Guerra, S., Sauleda, J., Ferrer, A., Ferrer, J., Barbera, J. A., Rodriguez-Roisin, R., Gea, J., Agusti, A., Anto, J. M., Garcia-Aymerich, J.. Benefits of physical activity on COPD hospitalisation depend on intensity. Eur Respir J 2015; 46 (5): 1281-9
  • Rabl, A., de Nazelle, A.. Benefits of shift from car to active transport. Transport Policy 2011; 19 (2012): 121-131
  • Cole-Hunter, T., Morawska, L., Solomon, C.. Bicycle Commuting and Exposure to Air Pollution: A Questionnaire-Based Investigation of Perceptions, Symptoms, and Risk Management Strategies. J Phys.Act.Health 2015; 12 (4): 490-499
  • Salas, L. A., Cantor, K. P., Tardon, A., Serra, C., Carrato, A., Garcia-Closas, R., Rothman, N., Malats, N., Silverman, D., Kogevinas, M., Villanueva, C. M.. Biological and Statistical Approaches for Modeling Exposure to Specific Trihalomethanes and Bladder Cancer Risk. Am.J.Epidemiol. 2013; 178 (4): 652-60
  • Dennis, K. K., Marder, E., Balshaw, D. M., Cui, Y., Lynes, M. A., Patti, G. J., Rappaport, S. M., Shaughnessy, D. T., Vrijheid, M., Barr, D. B.. Biomonitoring in the Era of the Exposome. Environ.Health Perspect. 2016
  • Bousquet, J., Gern, J. E., Martinez, F. D., Anto, J. M., Johnson, C. C., Holt, P. G., Lemanske, R. F., Jr., Le Souef, P. N., Tepper, R. S., von Mutius, E. R., Arshad, S. H., Bacharier, L. B., Becker, A., Belanger, K., Bergstrom, A., David, I. Bernstein, Cabana, M. D., Carroll, K. N., Castro, M., Cooper, P. J., Gillman, M. W., Gold, D. R., Henderson, J., Heinrich, J., Hong, S. J., Jackson, D. J., Keil, T., Kozyrskyj, A. L., Carlsen, K. L., Miller, R. L., Momas, I., Morgan, W. J., Noel, P., Ownby, D. R., Pinart, M., Ryan, P. H., Schwaninger, J. M., Sears, M. R., Simpson, A., Smit, H. A., Stern, D. A., Subbarao, P., Valenta, R., Wang, X., Weiss, S. T., Wood, R., Wright, A. L., Wright, R. J., Togias, A., Gergen, P. J.. Birth cohorts in asthma and allergic diseases: Report of a NIAID/NHLBI/MeDALL joint workshop. J.Allergy Clin.Immunol. 2014; 133 (6): 1535-46
  • Smith, R. B., Edwards, S. C., Best, N., Wright, J., Nieuwenhuijsen, M. J., Toledano, M. B.. Birth Weight, Ethnicity, and Exposure to Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic Acids in Drinking Water during Pregnancy in the Born in Bradford Cohort. Environ Health Perspect. 2016; 124 (5): 681-9
  • Pedersen, M., von Stedingk, H., Botsivali, M., Agramunt, S., Alexander, J., Brunborg, G., Chatzi, L., Fleming, S., Fthenou, E., Granum, B., Gutzkow, K. B., Hardie, L. J., Knudsen, L. E., Kyrtopoulos, S. A., Mendez, M. A., Merlo, D. F., Nielsen, J. K., Rydberg, P., Segerback, D., Sunyer, J., Wright, J., Tornqvist, M., Kleinjans, J. C., Kogevinas, M.. Birth Weight, Head Circumference, and Prenatal Exposure to Acrylamide from Maternal Diet: The European Prospective Mother-Child Study (NewGeneris). Environ.Health Perspect. 2012; 120 (12): 1739-45

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