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  • Le Moual, N., Varraso, R., Zock, J. P., Henneberger, P., Speizer, F. E., Kauffmann, F., Camargo, C. A., Jr.. Are Operating Room Nurses at Higher Risk of Severe Persistent Asthma? The Nurses' Health Study. J.Occup.Environ.Med. 2013; 55 (8): 973-977
  • Garcia-Aymerich, J.. Are We Ready to Say That Sex and Race Are Key Risk Factors for COPD?. Am.J.Respir.Crit Care Med. 2011; 184 (4): 388-390
  • Fuks, K. B., Weinmayr, G., Foraster, M., Dratva, J., Hampel, R., Houthuijs, D., Oftedal, B., Oudin, A., Panasevich, S., Penell, J., Sommar, J. N., Sorensen, M., Tiittanen, P., Wolf, K., Xun, W. W., Aguilera, I., Basagana, X., Beelen, R., Bots, M. L., Brunekreef, B., Bueno-de-Mesquita, H. B., Caracciolo, B., Cirach, M., de Faire, U., de Nazelle, A., Eeftens, M., Elosua, R., Erbel, R., Forsberg, B., Fratiglioni, L., Gaspoz, J. M., Hilding, A., Jula, A., Korek, M., Kramer, U., Kunzli, N., Lanki, T., Leander, K., Magnusson, P. K., Marrugat, J., Nieuwenhuijsen, M. J., Ostenson, C. G., Pedersen, N. L., Pershagen, G., Phuleria, H. C., Probst-Hensch, N. M., Raaschou-Nielsen, O., Schaffner, E., Schikowski, T., Schindler, C., Schwarze, P. E., Sogaard, A. J., Sugiri, D., Swart, W. J., Tsai, M. Y., Turunen, A. W., Vineis, P., Peters, A., Hoffmann, B.. Arterial Blood Pressure and Long-Term Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution: An Analysis in the European Study of Cohorts for Air Pollution Effects (ESCAPE). Environ.Health Perspect. 2014; 122 (9): 896-905
  • Kubesch, N., de Nazelle, A., Guerra, S., Westerdahl, D., Martinez, D., Bouso, L., Carrasco-Turigas, G., Hoffmann, B., Nieuwenhuijsen, M.. Arterial blood pressure responses to short-term exposure to low and high traffic-related air pollution with and without moderate physical activity. Eur.J.Prev.Cardiol. 2015; 22 (5): 548-57
  • Villanueva, C. M., Kogevinas, M., Cordier, S., Templeton, M. R., Vermeulen, R., Nuckols, J. R., Nieuwenhuijsen, M. J., Levallois, P.. Assessing Exposure and Health Consequences of Chemicals in Drinking Water: Current State of Knowledge and Research Needs. Environ.Health Perspect. 2014; 122 (3): 213-21
  • Van Tongeren, M., Kincl, L., Richardson, L., Benke, G., Figuerola, J., Kauppinen, T., Lakhani, R., Lavoue, J., McLean, D., Plato, N., Cardis, E.. Assessing Occupational Exposure to Chemicals in an International Epidemiological Study of Brain Tumours. Ann.Occup.Hyg. 2013; 57 (5): 610-26
  • Grellier, J., Rushton, L., Briggs, D. J., Nieuwenhuijsen, M. J.. Assessing the human health impacts of exposure to disinfection by-products - A critical review of concepts and methods. Environ.Int. 2015; 78: 61-81
  • Bousquet, P. J., Castelli, C., Daures, J. P., Heinrich, J., Hooper, R., Sunyer, J., Wjst, M., Jarvis, D., Burney, P.. Assessment of Allergen Sensitization in a General Population-Based Survey (European Community Respiratory Health Survey I). Ann.Epidemiol. 2010; 20 (11): 797-803
  • Pichini, S., Garcia-Algar, O., Munoz, L., Vall, O., Pacifici, R., Figueroa, C., Pascual, J. A., Diaz, D., Sunyer, J.. Assessment of chronic exposure to cigarette smoke and its change during pregnancy by segmental analysis of maternal hair nicotine. J Expo Anal Environ Epidemiol 2003; 13 (2): 144-151
  • Marenne, G., Rodriguez-Santiago, B., Closas, M. G., Perez-Jurado, L., Rothman, N., Rico, D., Pita, G., Pisano, D. G., Kogevinas, M., Silverman, D. T., Valencia, A., Real, F. X., Chanock, S., Genin, E., Malats, N.. Assessment of copy number variation using the illumina infinium 1M SNP-array: a comparison of methodological approaches in the Spanish bladder cancer/EPICURO study. Hum.Mutat. 2011; 32 (2): 240-8

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