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Workshop: How to inform about air quality in a easy way?

Irene Eleta PhD. is the organiser of this workshop

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Workshop: How to inform about air quality in a easy way?

How to report air quality data in an understandable manner? When air quality information is shown on the Internet, often it generates confusion between recommended limits by the European Union or the WHO, as well as with hourly, daily and annual air quality data.

The aim of this participatory workshop is to select air quality indices that are understandable for the general public and agree on ways to explain them in a context related to health. At the beginning, we will show some real examples of online platforms and mobile applications reporting on air quality (, CITI-SENSE, etc) and these will serve as a starting point for proposing ideas. The workshop will be participative and everyone is expected to contribute ideas and perspectives. Scientists working in the areas of pollution and public health will help us in this process. The results will be used to propose improvements in the design of platforms and applications and will be published in a scientific journal.

Kind of activity: participatory workshop.

When: Thursday, February 18th from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Location: PRBB, Doctor Aiguader, 88 (Villa Olimpica metro).

Sala Ramón y Cajal.

Free registration at the following link:

Open to researchers and the general public.

Organizers: Center for Research in Environmental Epidemiology CREAL-ISGlobal.

Contact/Organiser: Irene Eleta, 

The session will be recorded on audio as part of the data collection research project ESAIRE.


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