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Barcelona brings together the main international experts in citizen science

CREAL participates with CITI-SENSE and ESAIRE projects.

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Barcelona brings together the main international experts in citizen science

Barcelona, 27 October 2015.- More than a hundred scientists and experts from Europe, USA and Australia will meet the next 28th, 29th and 30th October, 2015 in Barcelona to celebrate the third General Assembly of the European Association of Citizen Science (ECSA, European Citizen Science Association). CREAL researchers, an ISGlobal allied center, participate with CITI-SENSE and ESAIRE projects.

"The celebration of the third General Assembly of ECSA in the city consolidates the position of Barcelona as one of the main references in the field of citizen science in Southern Europe," says Josep Perelló, principal investigator of the UB group OpenSystems and coordinator of the meeting.

Citizen Science is a practice in full swing involving public participation in the own scientific research activities. Citizens actively contribute to research, intellectual effort, knowledge, tools and/or resources. The participants provide data and experimental devices to the researchers, and create a new scientific culture collectively.

The formal part of the Assembly will be held at the Blau Museum (Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona) and will conclude with a guided tour of the permanent exhibition Planet Life by Anna Omedes, director of the Museum.

The Design Museum (Design Hub) will host various events, including a round table open to the public, which include representatives of ECSA, the American Association and the Australian Association of Citizen Science. During the debate the major challenges of this new understanding of the practice of science in the coming years will be treated.  

Citizen Science Safari in the city

Among the activities included the "Barcelona Citizen Science Safari' to be held on Wednesday, October 28th. Throughout the afternoon, held a tour of areas of special scientific relevance of Barcelona, ??with stops at the Ciutadella Park and the Passeig Maritim. At the stops, local scientists from ten Citizen Science projects will hold demonstrations to their European colleagues. The projects are: CitClops,, Observadores del Mar, Flora Urbana y Alergías, BioBlitzBcn, Saca La Lengua, Citi-Sense, Urban Bees (Abelles Urbanes) and Bee-path.

Integration Data and Infrastructure of Citizen Science

On Friday October 30th, experts in the processing and management of data will join at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) to discuss various keys for data integration worldwide in citizen science aspects. Issues such as the interoperability of information, intellectual property, security and privacy or new models of social networks will be discussed. It thus wants to define the first strategies and procedures to develop these aspects in a comprehensive manner, with the participation and collaboration of organizations worldwide.

Barcelona as pioneer

These activities are in addition to other already made in this field, as the two editions of Barcelona Citizen Science Day or citizen science activities in the NOVUM Festival of Science. In Barcelona, ??the Office of Citizen Science was created in 2012, promoted by the Institute of Culture of the City Council, a pioneer in Europe to strengthen such projects initiative.

About the ECSA

ECSA represents a network of citizen science projects, research institutes, universities, museums and other organizations and individuals in over 20 countries of the European Union, Switzerland or the United States Union. Its members work together with the goal of connecting citizens and science through active participation. ECSA is an NGO registered in Germany and managed by an office in the Museum für Naturkunde (Berlin) and the Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Research.


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