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Would you like to participate in a scientific study?

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Would you like to participate in a scientific study?

CITISENSE, a European project leaded by CREAL (Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology) in Barcelona, is currently looking for citizens to collaborate in the study. All we need from volunteers is to place a small pollution sensor outside their home, workplace, school, etc. The collected data will be used to create an updated air pollution model of the city of Barcelona.

In particular, the research team is looking for:
• exterior balconies or railings faced to the street, not to internal courtyards.
• They have to be first real floors (principal and entresuelo will be considered as first floor)
• located in the city of Barcelona,
• and the duration of the study will for almost a year.

Participation involves the visit of a CREAL technician to your home, office, explain how the instrument works, answer any questions that may arise and place the instrument (about 30 minutes in total). The device is controlled remotely and only in case of sensor failure the technician will visit you again. If you are interested on the information collected, we can provide you with a small report at the end of the study.

The high-tech instrument that we will install measures several pollutants (nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone) and some environmental parameters (temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure) in real time. It does not emit any gas or noise and it is very small.

This is the first step towards creating CITISENSE Barcelona, a Citizen Observatory, in which citizens are involved in measuring the levels of pollution in their city.

If you are keen to participate or have any question please send an email to specifying the street name and number (need to choose specific locations around town).

Thank you very much in advance from the CITISENSE team.

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