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The international project EXPOsOMICS organizes its annual meeting PRBB

Wednesday, October 1th, 2014

The international project EXPOsOMICS organizes its annual meeting PRBB

CREAL is the organizer of the annual meeting of the international project EXPOsOMICS to be held this Thursday and Friday in the Xipre room in the Biomedical Research Park of Barcelona (PRBB). During these two days about 40 researchers from 12 research centers in Europe and the United States will analyze, discuss and share the results until today.

The EXPOsOMICS project aims to develop a new approach for assessing environmental exposures, primarily focusing on air pollution and water pollutants. Using 'omic' techniques, the collected exposure data can be linked to biochemical and molecular changes in our body. As part of the study, we have developed a system of personal exposure monitoring (PEM) (including sensors, smartphones, geolocation, satellite location).

The results will help to improve the understanding on how these pollutants influence the risk of developing chronic diseases. It also aims to characterize the ‘exposome’, a concept that refers to the full range of environmental exposures to which humans are exposed from conception onwards, complementing the genome.

The project is coordinated by Professor Paolo Vineis of Imperial College London. CREAL coordinates various parts of the project and participate with Piscina2, MCC, Tapas, INMA and RHEA studies.

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