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Water, object of the scientific studies

Friday, November 22th, 2013

Water, object of the scientific studies

Last November 20 was held in the Sagrada Familia Library a roundtable on current research of water. Dr. Cristina Villanueva, researcher at the CREAL, ISGlobal alliance research centre, attended this event.

Villanueva affected the water pollution "is often caused by human activity, either by intensive agriculture, which produces nitrates and pesticides; or by intensive farming, by our action throwing to water cosmetics, sunscreens, drugs, or, for the disinfection byproducts."

The other two speakers were Narcís Prat, a researcher at the University of Barcelona (UB), who focused his speech on water management, and Josep Maria Gili, a researcher at the Institute of Marine Sciences, Research Center of CSIC, who spoke about the research in Antarctica.

The event was organized by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI), coordinator of the Science Week in Catalonia, and the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication (ACCC).


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