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Creating a sustainable mobility in Barcelona

Thursday, May 2th, 2013

Creating a sustainable mobility in Barcelona

Francesc Magrinyà, professor at the UPC, gave a seminar conference at CREAL, on 19th April titled “Environmental health as a motor of change towards sustainable mobility”. “Our idea is to transfer transport policies from some areas of Barcelona to others. For example, to limit the circulation of cars in some streets of the Eixample, as we have done in Pedralbes or Gracia”, introduced the researcher, who showed the video “Barcelona the City Idea”.

“There is an extensive system of bus service, 104 lines in total, but they not arrive everywhere and it is an ineffective system. We want to simplify this transportation system. We propose a new system, with fewer lines (from 104 to 29 lines) but with more buses for each line and, consequently, we will reduce the time of waiting to around 4 minutes, with the same number of buses and will cover all parts of Barcelona. That is a real interconnection”, said Magrinyà who explained the “Recreant Cruïlles” initiative.

“The problem with PM10 is that these particles have been shown to produce several health effects when entering the respiratory system. We need to transform the transportation system also as a need to promote environmental health”, said the researcher.

“There is a proposal to improve the air quality of Barcelona with more than 70 measures, related to transportation, among others. The point is to create pedestrian lines with less pollution in them. If people have this kind of system, people do more exercises and change their habits. In a city, 75 people need 60 private cars, but only one bus. The need of space and the pollution created is very different”, specified the researcher.

“From the Master of Sustainability at the UPC we are participating in a project which aims to recreate a crossroad square in the intersection of two pedestrian crossing streets: the Comte Borrell, that is already pedestrian and Consell de Cent, that we propose to be transformed to a pedestrian street between Urgell and Joan Miró Park. With "Recreating Crossroads" (Recreant Cruïlles) we want to create a pedestrian square and initiate an intervention model. This project involves more than 40 organizations, including CREAL through projects that aim to promote an increase in walking and cycling models for improving health", concluded the researcher.


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