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Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Collaboration on familial cancer in the Nordic countries

09:30h - Room Xipre (PRBB - 1st floor)


Mahdi Fallah PhD, from the German Cancer Research Center, will give this scientific seminar.

Dr. Fallah is an epidemiology Group Leader from Division of Molecular Genetic Epidemiology, of the German Cancer Research Center; worked 4 years as post-doc scientist in cancer epidemiology; 3 years in pharmaco-epidemiology; international cancer research experience; experience in the analysis of very large epidemiological datasets (expert in the Swedish Family-Cancer Database, world's largest of its kind, including >14.7 million subjects and various European cancer registry data); working with very large international and national cancer databases; supervising & teaching PhD students and post-docs; epidemiological and applied statistical consultant; working on researcher-initiated studies on antiepileptic drugs.

Dr. Fallah has more than 50 published papers in accredited peer-reviewed journals in last 7 years. His research fields of interest includes Epidemiology of chronic diseases, especially cancer, epilepsy, and cardiovascular diseases; pharmaco-epidemiology; personalized cancer risk prediction models; familial cancer risk; familial cancers. He was part of the  developing group of the  familial Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment Model (PCRAM; senior author of its paper in J Med Genet) and some methods to deal with ascertainment bias in cancer registry data (6 papers). He also developed and analyzed de Nordic Family-Cancer Joint Dataset (author in J Med Genet, Endocr Relat Cancer, and Eur J Cancer).

You can check some of his publications here.

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