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Marie Pedersen

Marie Pedersen has a degree in Biology from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and did her PhD in Molecular Environmental Epidemiology at the Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2010).
Since then she is working at the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) and in the Team of Environmental Epidemiology Applied to Reproduction and Respiratory Health, National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), Grenoble, France (

Research Interests
Her research focuses on the evaluation of effects of environmental exposures early in life.
Currently she is involved in European birth cohort studies that examine the influence of prenatal exposure to dietary and environmental toxicants, including carcinogens and air pollutants, on health related effects measured at birth, specifically birth weight, prematurity and biomarkers of genotoxic exposure and effect measured in maternal and umbilical cord blood.

Recent Academic Awards and Honours
• Outstanding Abstract by a New Investigator, International Society of Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) Annual
Meeting, Basel, Switzerland, 2013
• Rebecca James Baker Award, International Society of Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) Annual
Meeting, Basel, Switzerland, 2013
• Best Environmental Epidemiology Paper, , International Society of Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) Annual
Meeting, Basel, Switzerland, 2013
• Juan de la Cierva 3-years Full Post-Doctoral Fellowship awarded from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, Madrid, Spain, 2011
• Best Scientific Poster Award (NewGeneris (Newborns and Genotoxic Exposure Risk) Annual Meeting, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2011
• PhD Project was selected among the 10 Best Danish Research Projects of the Year, 2009

Selected Publications
• M. Pedersen, L. Giorgis-Allemand, C. Bernard, I. Aguilera, AM. Andersen, F. Ballester, R. Beelen, L. Chatzi, M. Cirach, A. Danileviciute, A. Dedele, M. Van Eijsden, M. Estarlich, A. Fernandez-Somoano, MF. Fernández, F. Forastiere, U. Gehring, R. Grazuleviciene, O. Gruzieva, B. Heude, G. Hoek, K. de Hoogh, EH. van den Hooven, SE. Haberg, JW. Jaddoe, C. Klumper, M. Korek, U. Krämer, A. Lertxundi, J. Lepeule, P. Nafstad, W. Nystad, E. Patelarou, D. Porta, DS. Postma, O. Raaschou-Nielsen, P. Rudnai, J. Sunyer, EG. Stephanou, M. Sorensen, E. Thiering, D. Tuffnell, MJ. Varro, TGM. Vrijkotte, AH. Wijga, M. Wilhelm, J. Wright, MJ. Nieuwenhuijsen, G. Pershagen, B. Brunekreef, M. Kogevinas, R. Slama. Ambient air pollution and low birth weight: a European cohort study (ESCAPE). Lancet Respir Med 2013; 1(9): 695-704.
• M. Pedersen, B. Schoket, R. W. Godschalk, J. Wright, H.von Stedingk, M.Törnqvist, J. Sunyer, J. K. Nielsen, D. F. Merlo, M.A. Mendez, H. M. Meltzer, V. Lukács, A. Landström, S. A. Kyrtopoulos, K. Kovács, L.E. Knudsen, M. Haugen, L. J. Hardie, K. B. Gutzkow, S. Fleming, E. Fthenou, P. B. Farmer, A. Espinosa, L. Chatzi, G. Brunborg, N. Brady, M. Botsivali, K. Arab, L. Anna, J. Alexander, S. Agramunt, J. C. Kleinjans, D. Segerbäck, M. Kogevinas. 2013. Bulky DNA Adducts in Cord Blood, Maternal Fruit-and-Vegetable Consumption and Birth Weight in a European Mother–Child Study (NewGeneris). Environ Health Perspect. 2013; 121:1200-1206. Selected manuscript for the news section of the October 2013 Issue of Environ Health Perspect.

• M. Pedersen, V. Siroux, I. Pin, M.A. Charles, A. Forhan, A. Hulin, J. Galineau, J. Lepeule, L. Giorgis Allemand, J. Sunyer, I. Annesi-Maesano, R. Slama, the 'EDEN mother-child' cohort study group. Does Consideration of Larger Study Areas Yield More Accurate Estimates of Air Pollution Health Effects? An Illustration of the Bias-variance Trade-off in Air Pollution Epidemiology. Environmental Int. 2013; 60:23-30.

• I. Aguilera, M. Pedersen, R. Garcia-Esteban, F. Ballester, M. Basterrechea, A. Esplugues, A. Fernández-Somoano, A. Lertxundi, A. Tardón, J. Sunyer. Early Life Exposure to Outdoor Air Pollution and Respiratory Health, Ear Infections, and Eczema in Infants from the INMA Study. Environ Health Perspect. 2013; 120:387-97.

• Pedersen M, von Stedingk H, Botsivali M, Agramunt S, Alexander J, Brunborg G, Chatzi L, Fleming S, Fthenou E, Granum B, Gutzkow KB, Hardie LJ, Knudsen LE, Kyrtopoulos SA, Mendez MA, Merlo DF, Nielsen JK, Rydberg P, Segerbäck D, Sunyer J, Wright J, Törnqvist M, Kleinjans JC, Kogevinas M . Birth Weight, Head Circumference, and Prenatal Exposure to Acrylamide from Maternal Diet: The European Prospective Mother-Child Study (NewGeneris). Environ Health Perspect. 2012; 120:1739-45. Selected manuscript for the news section of the November Issue of Environ Health Perspect. Awarded as the Best Environmental Epidemiological Paper 2012 at the International Society of Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) Annual Meeting, Basel, Switzerland, 2013.

• Pedersen M, Halldorsson TI, Autrup H, Brouwer A, Besselink H, Loft S, Knudsen LE. Maternal diet and dioxin-like activity, bulky DNA adducts and micronuclei in mother-newborns. Mutat Res. 2012;734(1-2):12-9.

• van Leeuwen DM, Pedersen M, Knudsen LE, Bonassi S, Fenech M, Kleinjans JC, Jennen DG. Transcriptomic network analysis of micronuclei-related genes: a case study. Mutagenesis. 2011; 26:27-32.

• Pedersen M, Halldorsson TI, Mathiesen L, Mose T, Brouwer A, Hedegaard M, Loft S, Kleinjans JC, Besselink H, Knudsen LE. Dioxin-like exposures and effects on estrogenic and androgenic exposures and micronuclei frequency in mother-newborn pairs. Environ Int. 2010; 36:344-51.

• Pedersen M, Wichmann J, Autrup H, Dang DA, Decordier I, Hvidberg M, Bossi R, Jakobsen J, Loft S, Knudsen LE. Increased micronuclei and bulky DNA adducts in cord blood after maternal exposures to traffic-related air pollution. Environ Res. 2009; 109:1012-20.

• Arab K, Pedersen M, Nair J, Meerang M, Knudsen LE, Bartsch H. Typical signature of DNA damage in white blood cells: a pilot study on etheno adducts in Danish mother-newborn child pairs. Carcinogenesis. 2009; 30:282-5.

Marie Pedersen

Postdoctoral researcher

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