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Exsabbatical opinions

  • Leonardo Araujo

    Leonardo Araujo

    Sabbatical Researcher
    I spent 7 months as a sabbatical in CREAL between September 2013 and March 2014. CREAL has outstanding researchers in different fields as epidemiology, environmental research, respiratory disorders, child health and oncology. Moreover, one can find a friendly environment that helps in the interaction among researchers, statisticians and other coworkers. It was a very nice experience to work in CREAL/PRBB and to live in Barcelona during these months. CREAL has also cooperation with other research centers worldwide and one can interact with researchers from many different places around the world. For researchers that have this opportunity, I would recommend a stay in CREAL. 
  • Eleni Sazacli

    Eleni Sazacli

    CREAL is a fascinating institute for post-doctoral research and scientific collaborations in the topic of Environmental Epidemiology. The staff, with its expertise and experience, has the ability to understand in depth the scientific pursuits and to provide collaborations of really high quality. Finally the place with its pure Mediterranean style offers a unique working environment. 
  • Audrey De Nazelle

    Audrey De Nazelle

    CREAL is an absolutely unique place! Everything about it – the people, the atmosphere, the setting, etc., make it a most desirable place to work. Collaborating with brilliant, enthusiastic, open-minded, cooperative folks, while overlooking the Mediterranean, in the sun… what more can you ask for? I adored every minute of my 5 years there, and am lucky to still have on-going collaborations there – I will make sure these never stop. 
  • Nicole Le Moual

    Nicole Le Moual

    I am very happy to have spent some months at CREAL and to have developed collaborations. Thank you very much for your welcome. 
  • Steve Hankey

    Steve Hankey

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time at CREAL. There are plentiful opportunities to participate in a variety of research topics and CREAL also offers an interesting and fun group of people as colleagues. 
  • Max Heimansberg

    Max Heimansberg

    Master student
    Here at CREAL you find a combination of interesting and forward leading research topics with a friendly and modern working atmosphere. As a Master student I always found an open ear and support for problems and challenges. All that and the great location of CREAL made me enjoy my stay in every sense. 
  • Jeremie Botton

    Jeremie Botton

    CREAL is a wonderful place to work. We feel here as in our family. There are plenty of cultural activities in the city, lots of festivities and the seaview makes us every time happy. Only one thing in my mind: to come here sometimes for short stays trying to forget the nostalgia. 
  • Marianne Voll-Aanerud

    Marianne Voll-Aanerud

    I spent one year as a postdoctoral researcher at CREAL, Barcelona. It was a great experience, both academically and socially. CREAL has highly competent researchers, statisticians, and technical staff that make this an ideal place for a sabbatical year. The people I collaborated with contributed with excellent supervision, interesting challenges, and technical and statistical support. The environment at CREAL is friendly and including, and people share both knowledge and coffee! 
  • Paul Henneberger

    Paul Henneberger

    10 months I did stay at CREAL were exceptional for the opportunity to collaborate with distinguished scientists in a work environment exciting, and fantastic support. 

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