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We would like to welcome you on behalf of the members of CREAL.

CREAL was established in December 2005 as an initiative of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Departments of: Health; Innovation, University and Enterprise; and Environment) with collaboration of Barcelona MAR Health Park and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).  Furthermore, in 2013 CREAL is an UPF Attached Research University Institute and we are involved in CERCA-Centers of Research from Catalonia.

Over the last years, the alliance between the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) and the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) has successfully developed a cutting-edge cluster of research expertise with capacity to address health challenges, including infectious diseases and non-communicable chronic diseases, with a strong focus on their environmental determinants. In 2013, this alliance evolved into an integrated ISGlobal Institute.

Currently, at CREAL we are about 120 people working in 6 different research Programs which cover a wide range of environmental exposures (water, radiation and air pollution) and health effects (childhood health, cancer and respiratory diseases). Research is led by senior and junior scientists together with the participation of staff scientists, postdoctoral researchers, statisticians, predoctoral students, technicians and administrative staff. We are committed to promote close collaboration among members of CREAL, and team working is one of our preferred labels. Having a nice and friendly environment where confidence and cooperation can prosper is one of our main concerns. Professional development, honesty, integrity and respect in the workplace are among our values.

CREAL’s mission is to conduct high quality epidemiological research on environment and health and to provide scientific knowledge relevant for public health action. We have extensive evidence that industrial activity has led to global warming that endangers stability of life in our planet. Together with climate change, many other types of physical and chemical pollution affect our health. Epidemiological research has gained importance in recent years as an effective way to characterise these risks and to promote interventions that protect our health. CREAL views Environmental Epidemiology as a scientific area in Public Health and thus we are committed to contribute to risk assessment, health protection and public health practice. Part of this commitment is reflected in our educational and advisory role.

At the same time, we see excellence in research as a sine qua non condition to fulfil CREAL’s mission basically through innovative and competitive research projects. CREAL’s research and development is supervised by outstanding scientists who integrate the Scientific Advisory Committee, chaired by Prof. David A. Savitz.

We firmly believe in networking, so in our web you will find information not only about CREAL but also about many other scientists and institutions with whom we have close collaborations and joint projects. We consider them part of CREAL and have included links to their webs as an expression of the increasingly networked nature of our research.

Josep M Antó, Jordi Sunyer and Manolis Kogevinas

Director and co-directors


Josep Maria Antó

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