CREAL. Centre de Recerca en Epidemiologia Ambiental



Bioinformatic Research Group in Epidemiology (BRGE)


  • Alejandro Caceres
Studies: Physics (Universidad Nacional de Colombia), PhD in Physics (Cambridge University)
Work-field: Genetic structural variants, development and implementation of data analysis methods
Topic: Polymorphic inversions and association genetic studies
  • Mikel Esnaola Acebes
  Pre Doctoral Researcher
Studies: PhD in Statistics PhD (current)
Work-field: Genetics, Epigenetics, Environmental epidemiology
Topic: Development of new methods for the discovery of rare variants using NGS data
  • Carles Hernandez-Ferrer
  Pre Doctoral Researcher
Studies: BSc Computer Science (UAB), MSc Bioinformatics (UAB), PhD Biomedicine (UPF - Current)
Work-field: Bioinformatics, software development, genetics
Topic: Software development for data extraction, data analysis and data integration in (genetic) epidemiology
  • Marcos López Sánchez
  Pre Doctoral Researcher
Studies: BSc Biotechnology (UVic), MSc Bioinformatics (UAB), PhD Biomedicine (UPF - current)
Work-field: Bioinformatics, genetics, data processing
Topics: Structural variants analysis for neurocognitive diseases association studies.
  • Natàlia Vilor Tejedor
  Pre Doctoral Researcher
Studies: BCs Mathematics - BCs Applied Statistics (UAB), MSc in Omics data Analysis (UVic), PhD Biomedicine (UPF - Current)
Work-field: Statistical Modelling, Genomics, Neuroimaging
Topic: ---

External collaborators

  • Isaac Subirana Cachinero
  Post Doctoral Researcher
Studies: BSc in Statistics (UPC), PhD in Statistics (UB)
Work-field: Genetics, Biostatistics
Topics: Statistical tools development for genetic association analysis with uncertainty variables (inputed CNVs and SNPs)
  • Armand Gutiérrez Arumi
  Pre Doctoral Researcher
Studies: BSc Computer Science / Bioinformatics
Work-field: ---
Topics: Focused on genomic "Big Data" analysis in neurocognitive diseases

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